Seeing Inside: Wearable technology, forgotton women & puppetry

Affectionately referred to as “The Puppet Dress,” this piece was selected by St Ann’s Warehouse‎ for development during the 2010-2011 Puppetlab.

Additional performances were done at The FIGMENT Project weekend festival on Governors Island as well as Gemini & Scorpio‘s “Lost Circus” event.

From the Messenger Theatre Company website:

“Seeing Inside” takes place under the skirt of Lou Andreas-Salome in the late 19th century. A toy puppet theatre, complete with black and theatrical lighting, is secreted within Lou’s gown. Lou weaves the ideas, discoveries and music of the era into an intimate reflective narrative. Featured are her lover, Rainer Maria Rilke and her friend, Sigmund Freud, as well as a taste of Ibsen. “Seeing Inside” takes us inside and then further inside to see what is beneath the surface.


Conceived by Jess Hooks and Emily Davis
Written and Directed by Emily Davis
Designed by Jess Hooks
Design Team:
Puppet Design and Construction – Marte Ekhougen
Digital Interaction Design – Noah Zerkin
Assistant – Sarah Williams
Music Consultant – Scott Ethier

Lou Andreas-Salomé – Sara Zimmerman
Puppeteer – Jo Jo Hristova



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